Sunday, July 27, 2008

Second weekend edition: Le Tour

I am inconsolable.

For the only time in my life I thought an Australian would win le Tour de France.

Cadel Evans looked weak on a couple of the mountain top finishes – particularly the last one where he let the Spaniard (Carlos Sastre) get 2 minutes on him.

I have pre-race odds for the race – and nobody much backed Sastre.

So much for pre-race odds.

But Evans was meant to be so much better than the time trial. But he rode like he was exhausted.

And Carlos rode the best time trial of his life.

One minute over a couple of thousand miles. That was all it was…

And having stayed up to 2am to watch - I too am exhuasted.


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Anonymous said...

what think you? is the comparison to UK in the comments viable?

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